Travel booking sites throughout Cyprus and around the world use TripAdvisor or other peer review rating systems to help travelers choose where to stay, where to eat and what to do while on vacation. Travelers are looking for peer ratings to help inform their decisions. To help connect potential visitors with reviews about Cyprus tourism products, we’ve added a new TripAdvisor widget to business listings on

The TripAdvisor widget is an opportunity for Cypriot tourism businesses to highlight customer feedback about experiences, and encourage more travelers to make a purchase. With 455 million monthly visitors, TripAdvisor can help tourism businesses expand their market reach.

Tripadvisor Widget ExampleThe widget will display your TripAdvisor rating and link to your TripAdvisor page.


To have the widget added to your business listing, submit your TripAdvisor ID to or on your travel guide registration form.

* Note: TripAdvisor categorizes single-unit accommodations that can accommodate only one guest or group at a time as vacation rentals.  While all accommodations can create and manage a listing for free, we’ve determined that it is not possible for vacation rentals to create a listing without enabling TripAdvisor’s booking platform. It is not our intention to force accommodations to use TripAdvisor as a booking platform. Therefore, vacation rentals are exempted from the requirement to link to the TripAdvisor widget on our website.  Peer reviews are important to consumers, and we are researching other options for sharing peer reviews on vacation rentals on

Here are some resources to help get you started in managing your online reputation through TripAdvisor:

Create or Claim Your TripAdvisor Listing

A customer can initiate a TripAdvisor listing for your business by submitting a review. Other users will be able to view that listing and add more reviews. In order to manage your listing and respond to reviews, you must claim your page.

Find out if your business is listed on TripAdvisor by searching at:

If your business is listed, select your business name from the drop-down menu and then click “Claim Your Listing.”

For further information on how to claim and manage your listing, view the Quick Start Help Guide.

If your business is not listed on TripAdvisor, select “Get Listed Now” below the search bar. This will take you to a page where you can select the category for your business, and enter your business information.

For more information, view Get Your Business on TripAdvisor.

Your TripAdvisor ID is the numbers that follow the letter ‘d’ in the url for your TripAdvisor page.

Manage Your TripAdvisor Listing

In as little as 15 minutes per month, you can effectively manage your TripAdvisor page to ensure you are giving a positive impression to potential customers.

Visit TripAdvisor Insights for guides on how to optimize your listing and collect more reviews.

Collect and Respond to Reviews

Managing your page also means monitoring and responding to reviews when appropriate. TripAdvisor’s research shows that 80% of users will like a business more if staff provide a thoughtful response to a negative review.  Ensure your reviews add value to the conversation.

For information on how to respond to reviews and best practices for management responses, see Management Responses.

Research shows that buying intentions increase as the quality and quantity of online reviews of a business increase. Learn more about how reviews help your business and strategies to collect more reviews.